the red tower GALLERY  is pleased to present CONVERSATIONS by Laura Berman as our first exhibit of 2021.

Laura's work is an exploration of the interior and emotional life of animals. By creating an atmosphere of classically dramatic light and space to illuminate her subjects’ individuality and emotions,  she offers the viewer the opportunity to recognize animals as ‘some-one' not as 'some-thing'.
These emotive portraits bring together her love for both painting and photography, a natural outgrowth of early training as painter and more than twenty years as a designer and photographer. The work begins with the literal photograph. She then digitally paints into  that using a series of overlays and digital brushwork to create an image with an emotional impact that reflects the way her mind and heart understand the scene more fully than with photography alone.  

Works are available as signed, limited edition prints on fine art archival quality paper, printed by a master printer under the artist’s direction and include a Certificate of Authenticity.

For purchase and inquiries visit︎︎︎

THEREDTOWERGALLERY 2021 — Warkworth, Ontario