the red tower GALLERY  is pleased to present TEXTILES by Sheree Rasmussen as our permanent exhibit of 2021.

Sheree Rasmussen’s
artistic process is textile based, probably because her earliest artistic influence was her mother, who sewed and dressed her in fabulously coloured outfits. Dance training imprinted a deep need for creating energetic patterns through movement, she has transposed this feeling of movement of  body in space to the movement of colour, shape and pattern through the medium of textiles, working in an improvisational way.

Rasmussen has worked with gardens for many years, which has also influenced her art work. The word paradise comes from the Persian word meaning walled garden, a perfect little universe. The garden is a symbol of unity and wholeness, and a well designed garden has the effect of creating harmony within. That is how she sees her artwork; a textile garden, organized within the limits of the piece as a representation of the world that embodies and creates a feeling of joy and harmony. Each piece has it’s own language, it’s own climate, it’s own weather.

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THEREDTOWERGALLERY 2021 — Warkworth, Ontario